Scanner Master Road Trip – Dallas

By Richard Barnett

Today I flew to Dallas and had lunch with Paul Opitz, scanner product manager for Uniden America. Amongst other topics Paul and I and discussed the new portable BC346XT and BCD396XT scanners and their success in the marketplace. Paul was kind enough to review and make some edits to our 346 and 396XT comprehensive reports and we’ll be posting those corrections shortly. I had a suggestion for Paul for a new features for these and other Dynamic Memory scanners: The ability to stop on one System and scan it by itself, even if other systems are enabled. But Paul had me scooped. The feature is already in the radio. Here’s how you activate it: While scanning any system, press HOLD for 2 seconds.

There’s so much scanner firmware developers can now do with scanner operation that many features we’re not even aware of -perhaps because we didn’t spend enough time reviewing the manual- although sometimes one finds features that are not even in the manual.

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