Friday, May 15, 2009

Scanner Master Road Trip - Set-up Day at Dayton Hamvention

By Richard Barnett

I arrived in Dayton after a long, long, ride from Boston. I met up with Gommert Buysen of Butel Software and Rich Carlson of the CARMA club in Chicago and we set up good 'ol booth 402-403, our regular spot at Hamvention these last 10 or so years. I wonder how turnout will be with the economy in rough shape. Last year the economy was holding up OK but gas prices were double what they are today so we didn't expect to see people coming to the show from long distances. In the end though we had a great show last year, surprisingly better than the year before.

Tonight we went to a terrific ICOM-hosted dinner party at a Packard car museum in downtown Dayton. Beautiful cars and great food, hosted by a very classy company. We are proud to have been selected as ICOM's newest dealer and Scanner Master now carries the full line of ICOM communications receivers. More on that in a future blog.


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