New GPS Unit in Stock

We now have in stock a new GPS receiver unit, a high-quality Garmin which has been customized for special applications such as GPS scanning (requiring a separate power input). The Garmin is more expensive than the previous GPS unit we had been selling but the older model is no longer available. Garmin of course has long been a player in the GPS industry and their products are top-notch. In the future we may try find a less expensive option but we wouldn’t expect it to have the satellite capture speed and accuracy of the Garmin. For more details or to order the Garmin click here.

GPS scanning is a great feature. With it your scanner can automatically enable and disable systems based on your location as you drive. It save so much hassle trying to remember which systems to turn on/off while you’re on the move (which can also be dangerous if you’re actually driving and programming at the same time). The GPS feature is available on the BCT15 and BCD996T base/mobile models and the new BC346XT and BCD396XT portables, all only from Uniden. These new models have enhanced GPS features such as a much wider and more flexible range that you can set and you can also program GPS coordinates down to the Group level.

It is extremely complex to program all this GPS longitude/latitude data unless you have excellent programming software such as ARCXT, truly a must for basic or advanced programming with GPS in the 346/396XT or ARC15 or ARC996 for the base/mobile models. This program has a unique feature to instantly find correct coordinates for cities and towns anywhere in the country.

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