Testing the Austin Spectra Mobile Antenna

By Jonathan Higgins

Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. I’m Jonathan Higgins, lead on-site “scanner expert”… I’m happy to be a part of the Scanner Master team for over a year now, with almost 20 years of scanning experience under my belt. Over the years, communication systems have made a lot of advances with trunking and digital communications. My first scanner was a Radio Shack Realistic PRO-2014, a 50 channel scanner. Some of my favorite scanners are the Uniden BC246T, BCD396XT, BC780XLT, BCD996T and the GRE PSR-500.

Along with Rich, I will be posting information and advice on our Scanner Master Blog.

Testing the
Austin Spectra Mobile Antenna

The Spectra is 33 inches tall and its tuned for all 4 public safety bands:

  • VHF Low Band (30-50MHz)
  • VHF High band (150-174 MHz)
  • UHF (430-512 MHz)
  • 800MHz (806-896 MHz)

    The coax cable and mounting gear are sold separately. I used the 5” NMO Mag Mount for my test. The scanner used was the Uniden BCD996T …So off I went on a road trip!

    In Massachusetts, most of the public safety is using VHF High Band or UHF. I was amazed by the reception. I was able to pick up UHF systems for 10 to 15 miles away without a problem, and as for the VHF, about 15+ miles away. In Massachusetts, the State Police are on an analog 800MHz trunking system. I was able to pick up the local site with ease and neighboring sites at times. I found that the height of the Spectra really brings in the VHF Low Band without a problem. Overall, a great antenna! It’s a true performer on all bands!

    Check out the many mounting options we have available for this antenna:

  • 5″ NMO Mag Mount
  • NMO Hole Mount
  • NMO Mirror Mount
  • NMO Trunk Lip Mount

    Austin Antenna, a locally based company right here in New England, has been in business for the last 25 years. We carry the full Austin Antenna scanner product line; the Ferret, the Condor and the Spectra.

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    1. Kieran OHagan says:

      I can't say enough good about this antenna. Anyone asks me about a good mobile scanner antenna, this is what I say without even a second thought. Yes, there are lss expensive antennas, as you get what you pay for. I took this antenna cross country on my Ford Escape…never missed a thing!

    2. blake says:

      hi johnathan will this antenna be good for apartments im on the first floor im already using a cor sa700 superwideband antenna works excellent in case i ever have to take it down with the austin work good on my ac thank you

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