3D Scanner Images: Now you can view from multiple perspectives before you buy!

After being in the business of customer service for over 30 years, we are very familiar with all the common questions that you may have regarding your scanner. We now have a solution to help you answer many of these questions on your own without digging through mounds of text or contacting a scanner expert.

By recently upgrading from 2 dimensional images to 3 dimensional “circle around” models of our scanners, you can now answer many specific product questions by looking at the new 3 dimensional image accessible via the scanner product page.

Click here to view the BCT15 Scanner in 3D!

This revolutionary technology allows you to examine the range of depth and points of view of our most popular Uniden Bearcat, RadioShack, and GRE models. With video control capability, you can now dramatically expand your viewpoint using the zoom feature, as well as pause the rotating image at any point in time. This new feature will not only allow you to view a scanner from a completely new perspective, but will also help you to make more informative decisions before you buy without having to read through pages of text or contacting a service rep.
The 3D feature is currently available on 14 models and with in a few months it will be available on 12 more. We hope you enjoy it and we welcome your comments.
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