Scanner 101 – "Search With Scan"

One feature that I find fascinating, and is available on the following Uniden models, BC246T, BC346XT, BR330T, BCT15, BCD396XT and, BCD996T is the Search With Scan. With this feature, you can run a service search or custom search as your scanner is scanning. You can set up the search in one of your available systems.

Most Uniden Scanners have the following Service Searches:

  • Public Safety
  • News
  • HAM radio
  • Marine
  • Railroad
  • Citizen Band
  • Racing
  • Military Air

    You also have the option of making 10 your own custom searches

    I like monitoring railroad communications. On long road trips I turn on this feature, so my scanner will be searching all railroad frequencies, while it’s scanning whatever else I have programmed. (In the photo to the left is the Mass Coastal GP9u 2007 sitting in Taunton, MA,)

    Below is step by step instructions:
    Step 1 – Go into the menu
    Step 2 – Select “Search for”
    Step 3 – Select “Edit Service” or “Edit Custom”
    Step 4 – Select the search you want
    Step 5 – Select “Search with Scan”
    Step 6 – Select “Set Quick Key”
    Step 7 – Select a System quick you have available 1 – 99
    Step 8 – Select “Set Lockout”
    Step 9 – Select “Unlocked”
    Step 10 – Hit “Scan”

    Check out this feature and lets us know what you think.

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