Product Test WAN-97A Active Nomad Base Antenna

By Jonathan Higgins

The Product:
WAN-97A Active Nomad Base Antenna – Indoor Antenna

Are you living an apartment? We feel your pain, trying to find the right antenna, with the restrictions of apartment or condo living. Recently I was able to test the “WAN-97A Active Nomad Base Antenna”; I was amazed at the performance of this indoor antenna! Just hang this vertical antenna near a window or in attic and you will be amazed how much more you can hear. The WAN-97A has a built-in pre-amplifier that powered with four AA batteries or with optional external 12 Volt powers supply (Uniden AD-1009 AC Adapter).

Product Specs:

  • 25MHz – 1300MHz
  • Element length 4 feet
  • Coax lead length 10 feet
  • Power source; 4 AA Batteries or with optional 12 Volt AC Adapter
  • Above is the WAN-97A set up in Greg Jolly’s office.
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