New ProductGRE PSR-200U Scanner

By Jonathan Higgins
GRE PSR-200U Scanner

The GRE PSR-200/U scanner reminds me of my very first scanner the Radio Shack Realistic PRO-2014. GRE PSR-200U is replacing the GRE PSR-200.

What new with the GRE PSR-200U Scanner:
>> Adding the Broadcast FM Band – 87.3 – 107.9
>> Capability to program/decode the private line (CTCSS/DCS)
>> Signal Meter

Everything else is still the same. I have to say I like the added feature of CTCSS/DCS. This will help with blocking unwanted distance communications on the same given frequency. Also the Signal Meter is very nice too!

>> Desktop Design
>> 200 Channels
>> SAME Weather Alert
>> 5 Service Searches
>> Skywarn
>> PC Programmable
>> Backlight LCD Display
>> Easy to use Buttons

Frequency Coverage:
29-30MHz: 10 Meter Amateur Radio
30-50MHz: VHF Low
50-54MHz: 6 Meter Amateur Radio
87.3-107.9MHz: FM Broadcast Band
108-136.99166MHz: Aircraft
137-144MHz: Government
144-148MHz: 2 Meter Amateur Radio
148-174MHz: VHF Hi
380-450MHz: Amateur Radio/Government
450-470MHz: UHF Standard
470-512MHz: UHF “T”

Included in the box:
>> PSR-200U Scanner
>> Telescope Antenna
>> AC Adapter
>> User Manual

Great gift for someone that in a non-digital/trunking area…
You should keep the GRE PSR 200U Scanner in mind, this entry-level 200 channel scanner is very simple to operate. Program single frequency in a few simple steps, it that easy!

For some people this scanner will not work due to the radio systems in their area. How check if this scanner will work in their area? Visit our sister website

GRE PSR-200U – Key Pad

GRE PSR-200U – Back of scanner Jacks

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