The Scanner Gazette – Rebanding Suffolk County, NY

By Jonathan Higgins

Suffolk County, NY Re-bands

The Suffolk County, NY, trunking radio system is currently under-going re-banding. This means that scanners will need to be re-programmed and scanners which are a year or two old or older will need a firmware (scanner operating system) upgrade as well. Older scanners, such as the Bearcat 895, 780 and 235, and most older RadioShack scanners, are not re-bandable and will need to be replaced. Scanner Master offers a firmware upgrade and a programming service if you’re interested.

RI State Police, Now Digital

RI State Police have made the move to the Rhode Island Statewide Communications Network (RISCON). Left there old analog VHF conventional system.

Uniden HomePatrol-1 Available Early October

Uniden newest scanner HomePatrol-1 will be available early October from Scanner Master for $495.

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  • See the official Scanner Master product page for the HomePatrol-1
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