New Product – Uniden HomePatrol

By Jonathan Higgins

The Product: Uniden HomePatrol-1

The much awaited Uniden HomePatrol’s will be shipping out on Thursday, September 30, 2010.

Please check out my First Look @ Uniden HomePatrol

  • My first thoughts of the HomePatrol
  • For Advanced Users
  • Making Favorites Lists/Updating HomePatrol
  • Instant Replay Feature
  • HomePatrol Appearance and Jacks
  • and more!

    Let’s go over the optional accessories available for the new Uniden HomePatrol:

    Setup & Optimize:
    This service covers the following :

  • Optimizing the internal database/frequency library
  • Checking and updating the firmware
  • Setting-up your local town/city into a Scan List/Favorites List
    Learn more about the Setup & Optimize Service
    ***This service delays the shipping one week***

    Mobile Antenna:
    SpectrumForce Wideband Antenna with Mag Mount and SMA, Great low profile mobile antenna, with the SMA connection for quick an easy hook-up.

    Antenna Adapter:

  • SMA to BNC Adapter – If you looking to connect the HomePatrol to BNC (Male) connection this part is a must have.


  • GPS Receiver – (SpectrumForce GPS Receiver) Allows the HomePatrol to automatically tune to local frequencies as you drive.

    **GPS Kit – Required with GPS Receiver:

  • GPS Accessory Kit – The cables needed to connect the HomePatrol to the GPS Receiver (SpectrumForce GPS Receiver)

    1. SpectrumForce Wideband Antenna with Mag Mount and SMA
    2. SpectrumForce GPS Receiver
    3. SMA to BNC Adapter
    4. GPS Accessory Kit

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