New Product – GRE PSR-310

By Jonathan Higgins

The Product: GRE PSR-310 Analog Trunking Scanner
Price: $199.95

The GRE PSR-310 is a good looking unit out of the box, with its black exterior and buttons with white lettering. The case layout is just like the GRE-PSR 500 with the same placement of the speaker, screen, and keypad.

New features found on the GRE PSR-310

Memory System
Object Oriented – Very simple to use and to field program compared to other models. An object can be shared in more than one scan list. An object can be single frequency or talk group.

LCD Display
Much larger display over the GRE PSR-300, bring a great full dot matrix bitmap display with an white LED backlight.

Multi-System Analog Trunking
Works with the following trunking systems:
-EDACS Standard/Narrow
-LTR Trunking
Supports the new 700MHz and 380MHz bands also can follow multisite Motorola systems

Exclusive Alert LED
This can be configured to illuminate or flash when a certain object is active.
Holliston Police – LED Blue Flash
Holliston Fire – LED Red Flash
Holliston Highway – LED Yellow Flash

Color Options
1 – Red
2 – Yellow
3 – Green
4 – Light Blue
5 – Blue
6 – Purple
7 – White

In the Box
-Owner’s Manual
-Black non-chargeable battery holder (inside the scanner)
-Yellow rechargeable battery holder
-Belt clip (Attached to the scanner)

Programming Software
ARC310 – Available from BuTel Software soon!

For some people this scanner will not work due to the radio systems in their area. How check if this scanner will work in their area? Visit our sister website

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