Friday, July 23, 2010

First Look @ Uniden HomePatrol

First Look @ Uniden HomePatrol
By Jonathan Higgins

Release Date:
Early Fall 2010 - 09/30/10
Price: $495.00

Uniden HomePatrol
Recently I had the opportunity to see the New Uniden HomePatrol in action. This product is very simple to operate, you can be up and running within 3 minutes or less. No programming needed all you need is your zip code. Once your Zip Code is entered, HomePatrol will load Police, Fire and EMS channels in your area and you have the option to also scan Utilities, Airports, Railroads, Businesses, schools and other services in your area that area listed on the Radio Reference database.

My initial thoughts of the HomePatrol:
This cutting edge technology from Uniden will take the work out of programming. The menus are very straight forward and simple. The reception was amazing with the stock antenna that came with the unit. This product would be ideal for someone just getting into the hobby, or just looking for something that is very simple to operate.

Advanced Users
Advanced users may find the HomePatrol limits your ability to customize the programming. I would still recommend the Uniden BCD396XT or BCD996XT to advanced users. For myself HomePatrol would be great for traveling outside of my listening area, because I wouldn’t need to spend time setting up the programming.

GPS ScanningHomePatrol would be a great for Road Trips too! By connecting a GPS Receiver the system will select all of the agencies in your area and it will keep updating as you travel.

Building Favorites Lists
You can make your own favorites Lists from the database in HomePatrol. If you only like to listen to fire call you can go into the database and select those departments. You can name and save each favorites list. I really like this option because you can customize what you’re monitoring.

Instant Replay
Did you miss a transmission? You can replay radio transmission from the last 30 Seconds to 240 seconds; you can set the replay time through the Advanced Menu options.

Updating HomePatrol
With the HomePatrol Sentinel PC Software you can update the internal database within minutes. When needed HomePatrol may need a Firmware update, these are simple and done through the software. Also with-in the software you can make and save your own custom Favorites Lists.

HomePatrol Appearance and Jacks

Screen:Full Color Touch Screen


Volume Control and Power Buttons


Left to Right - SMA Antenna Jack, Head Phone Jack, and Line Out Jack

Left to Right - GPS Jack, DC 9V Power Jack Jack, and USB - Programming/Updating Jack

In the Box:
HomePatrol will come with Flex Antenna, AC Adapter, DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter, 4 AA Rechargeable batteries USB Cable, Desk Stand, and a quick Start Guide.

Frequency Coverage:
25-54 MHz
108-512 MHz
758-960 MHz

Communications Systems Covered:

  • EDACS Wide/Narrow
  • LTR
  • Motorola
  • Conventional
  • Digital (Project 25)
  • Analog

    Specifications for this unit are subject to change without notice by the manufacturer.

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  • Monday, July 12, 2010

    Scanner Master Road Trip - I-95 Maine

    By Jonathan Higgins

    Last weekend, the Higgins family took a road trip to Northern Maine to visit with family! Oh yes, cozy Maine, with its 60 plus lighthouses, 6,000 lakes, 32,000 miles of rivers, and digital communications systems. Yes, digital communications are coming to Maine! In past road trips to Maine I have that Biddeford Police used Project 25 (P25), in this trip I found more areas using digital. They are using a VHF conventional digital system:

    Auburn Police - 159.1500 NAC 293
    Augusta Police - 153.6275 NAC 770
    Biddeford Police – 159.9450 NAC 51 (Dispatch),
    and 156.2100 NAC 703 (Secondary)
    Lewiston Police - 158.7900 NAC 293

    Maine State Police
    Soon the Maine State Police will be upgrading their Analog VHF conventional system to a new Project 25 VHF Digital trunking system called MSCommNet (Maine State Communications Network). Right now this system is in the planning stage. They hope to have this up and running by fall of 2012.

    You can read more about this system on the website.

    Handy Frequencies…
    Maine Turn Pike Ops - 151.0700 CTCSS 107.2
    Great channel to monitor for accidents, or lane closures. You can hear the motorist assistance trunks.

    Railroad Buffs
    A great place to stop anytime you’re making your way into Maine is the Seashore Trolley Museum, located in Kennebunkport, Maine.
    Main Dispatch - 160.4700 CSQ
    Secondary Channel - 160.5000 CSQ

    Below is a photo of Wheeling Traction Co. #639
    1924 Cincinnati Car Co.

    Photo Taken by Jonathan Higgins
    (Seashore Trolley Museum Members Day 2009)