Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Product - Uniden HomePatrol

By Jonathan Higgins

The Product: Uniden HomePatrol-1

The much awaited Uniden HomePatrol’s will be shipping out on Thursday, September 30, 2010.

Please check out my First Look @ Uniden HomePatrol
  • My first thoughts of the HomePatrol
  • For Advanced Users
  • Making Favorites Lists/Updating HomePatrol
  • Instant Replay Feature
  • HomePatrol Appearance and Jacks
  • and more!

    Let’s go over the optional accessories available for the new Uniden HomePatrol:

    Setup & Optimize:
    This service covers the following :
  • Optimizing the internal database/frequency library
  • Checking and updating the firmware
  • Setting-up your local town/city into a Scan List/Favorites List
    --- Learn more about the Setup & Optimize Service ---
    ***This service delays the shipping one week***

    Mobile Antenna:
    SpectrumForce Wideband Antenna with Mag Mount and SMA, Great low profile mobile antenna, with the SMA connection for quick an easy hook-up.

    Antenna Adapter:
  • SMA to BNC Adapter – If you looking to connect the HomePatrol to BNC (Male) connection this part is a must have.

  • GPS Receiver – (SpectrumForce GPS Receiver) Allows the HomePatrol to automatically tune to local frequencies as you drive.

    **GPS Kit - Required with GPS Receiver:
  • GPS Accessory Kit – The cables needed to connect the HomePatrol to the GPS Receiver (SpectrumForce GPS Receiver)

    1. SpectrumForce Wideband Antenna with Mag Mount and SMA
    2. SpectrumForce GPS Receiver
    3. SMA to BNC Adapter
    4. GPS Accessory Kit

  • Monday, September 27, 2010

    New Product - Setup & Optimize Service

    By Jonathan Higgins

    Product Name: Setup & Optimize Service (for the Uniden HomePatrol and GRE PSR-700 only.)

    Cost: $39.95 - If the scanner was purchase from Scanner Master
    ($49.95 for customers that already have purchased the scanner elsewhere)

    Note: This service delays the shipping one week.

    When you order this option along with your Uniden HomePatrol and GRE PSR-700 the Setup & Optimize Service Covers:

  • Optimizing the internal database
  • Checking and updating the firmware
  • Setting-up your local town/city into a Scan List/Favorites List

  • With Scanner Master's exclusive Set-up & Optimize Package we see to it that you’re pre-programmed scanner is fully updated and ready to use for your area, perfect for your own use and especially perfect for a gift. First we optimize the internal database by updating the frequency library, which changes daily. We will also check and install any firmware updates to before your pre-programmed scanner ships. (The firmware is the operating system for the radio which may have been updated or tweaked by the factory following its production in Asia.) Scanner Master will then build a Favorites List/Scan List for the customer (based on the ship to address of your order), or for the area in which the scanner will be used if the customer specifies a different city (for example if the radio is given as a gift).

    --- Bellow applies to the Uniden HomePatrol ONLY. ---

    (The benefit of this Favorites List work is that we insure that the most important data to the user is readily accessible as often times, if the database for the end user's area hasn't been completely prepared with what's known as "geo-tagging" then some or all of the local agencies will not activate for scanning. Scanner Master insures that this will not be the case.)

    Scanner Master will also pre-tune the radio by entering the end-users zip code. Finally we will give the radio's installed re-chargeable batteries a brief charge to insure that the radio will be ready to use right out of the box.

    Greg Jolly busy at work Setting up and Optimizing the New Uniden HomePatrol.

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    The Scanner Gazette - Digital Prince George!

    By Jonathan Higgins

    Digital Prince George!
    Prince George’s County, MD moved to their new Digital Project 25 Phase II trunking system. Most digital trunking systems are Project 25 Phase I, this system being a Phase II cannot be monitor by any scanner at this time. This is the second Phase II system in the country, in July Loudoun County VA moved to P25 Phase II System.

    We will keep you posted when a unit is available to handle Project 25 Phase II Trunking systems.

    Prince George’s P25 Trunking System
    More about Project 25 Phase II

    Another Town in Southeastern Mass Goes Digital
    Dartmouth Police moved off their VHF analog system to a New UHF Digital conventional system.
    453.5500 - NAC 293

    Other digital conventional agencies in Southeastern Mass:
    Freetown Police (Digital Capable)
    North Attleboro Police
    Mansfield Police (Encrypted)

    Cape Fear going Digital!
    The Police and Fire departments that patrol the nearly 30 miles of beaches in New Hanover County will be making the switch to a digital trunking system. County hopes the transition will be complete by the end of the year.

    New Hanover County P25 Trunking System

    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    New Product - GPS Accessory Kit

    By Jonathan Higgins

    Product Name: GPS Accessory Kit
    Cost: $19.95
    Available: Early October

    Included in this Kit:

  • Null Modem
  • Gender Changer
  • Uniden Serial cable

  • With the new GPS Accessory Kit you can hook up the following scanners to SpectrumForce GPS Receiver:
  • Uniden BC346XT
  • Uniden BCD396XT
  • Uniden BCD396T
  • Uniden BR330T
  • Uniden HomePatrol-1

  • The photo bellow shows the GPS Accessory Kit hook up to the SpectrumForce GPS Receiver.

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    The Scanner Gazette - Rebanding Suffolk County, NY

    By Jonathan Higgins

    Suffolk County, NY Re-bands

    The Suffolk County, NY, trunking radio system is currently under-going re-banding. This means that scanners will need to be re-programmed and scanners which are a year or two old or older will need a firmware (scanner operating system) upgrade as well. Older scanners, such as the Bearcat 895, 780 and 235, and most older RadioShack scanners, are not re-bandable and will need to be replaced. Scanner Master offers a firmware upgrade and a programming service if you're interested.

    RI State Police, Now Digital

    RI State Police have made the move to the Rhode Island Statewide Communications Network (RISCON). Left there old analog VHF conventional system.

    Uniden HomePatrol-1 Available Early October

    Uniden newest scanner HomePatrol-1 will be available early October from Scanner Master for $495.
  • Read more about our first look at this product
  • See the official Scanner Master product page for the HomePatrol-1