Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Scanner Gazette - High Tech Santa Cruz Police

By Jonathan Higgins

Santa Cruz, CA Neighborhood Watch goes high tech!
Santa Cruz Police are first in the nation to use the app to help fight crime and to alert the public. With the app you can see real time crime maps, even text in crime tips, receive alerts on road closers even listen to online scanner feed. - Read more

Green County, VA moving to VIPER
Next year, Greene County hopes to move to the statewide digital VIPER trunking system. It will cost $791,833 to upgrade their old communication system dating back to the 1960’s. – Read more

Germantown, TN hopes to go digital in 2012
Many things were on the table at the 2012 budget meeting include a new digital communications system for Germantown, TN. Germantown hopes to replace it 20 year old two-way radio system with a newer digital system. – Read more