Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Scanner Gazette - Test Communication in the Big Easy

By Jonathan Higgins

Testing Communications for New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival gave public safety agencies in the area an opportunity to test their interoperability. Along with the festival public safety agencies had to keep eye on the swollen Mississippi River. – Read more

Simi Valley teen, follows fires with his scanners
15 year old Thomas Gorden spends a lot of time monitoring local fires with his police scanners. His passion started at early age 7-years-old. - Read more

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Are code 10's a thing of the past?
Local Agencies in Alabama are divided on the future of dispatch codes. - Read more

Plymouth Township, PA Rebanding
The Township is on the Montgomery County Trunking system. They hope the rebanding will improve the county wide trunk system – Read more