New Product – HomePatrol – Uniden Nylon Travel Case

By Jonathan Higgins

The Product:
HomePatrol – Uniden Nylon Travel Case
Price: $69.95
For: Uniden HomePatrol HP-1

On the go with your Uniden HomePatrol? We now carry the HomePatrol – Uniden Nylon Travel Case. With the clear plastic cover over the screen you can see and operate the HP-1 in the Travel case. This Travel case is a must have for someone moving the HP-1 for from location to another.

Storage above for:

  • Flex Antenna
  • AC Power Adapter
  • DC power Adapter
  • Desk Stand
  • USB Cable
  • Extra Batteries.

    Case Size:
    10” x 7” x 2 ½”

    There are opening on the sides for hook-up to antenna, power, GPS, and headphones. You can close these opening with the Velcro flaps located inside the case.

    Other availbale cases for the Uniden Homepatrol:

  • HomePatrol – Uniden Nylon Case/Fixed Belt Clip
  • HomePatrol – Uniden Soft Leather Case/Swivel Belt Clip
  • HomePatrol – Uniden Hard Leather Case/Fixed Belt Loop
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