New Product – Audio Isolator Cables

By Jonathan Higgins

The Products:
Isolator Cable Male to Male (6 foot)
Price: $19.95

Isolator Cable Male to Female (6 foot)
Price: $19.95
(Both cables made by Comtekk)

Streaming your scanner online? The Isolator Cable is a must have. The Isolator filters out unwanted line noise improving your streams audio. This cable will also protect your computer with the exclusive Comtekk’s 600-ohm isolator with DC Blocking, ground loop elimination “hot chassis” and surge protection.
We carry the Male to male cable for direct connection from PC to the scanner and the male to female cable so you can use extension (male to male) cable for those longer runs.

In the photo below is the Isolator Cable Male to Male (6 foot):

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