Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Scanner Gazette - Sandy Spring, GA Radio Problems

By Jonathan Higgins

Steuben County, NY approved a new $1.1 million radio system.
Steuben Legislators agree to buy the new system, but some people are not happy about it – Read more

Radio Problems in Sandy Springs, GA
Police Chief Terry Sult is looking to improve their communications system – Read more

Man with Scanner tracks down Hit and Run Driver
A 47-year-old salesman with a police scanner plays a quick role in tracking down a hit and run subject - Read More

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tips for Scanning During Severe Weather

By Jonathan Higgins
When making up your Emergency Preparedness Kit you may want to add a scanner to the list. A scanner will give you a tool of knowledge during a storm. You can get weather updates, road closures, and so much more.

Severe Weather Scanning
Having a scanner can be very helpful during a severe weather event. With most scanners you can get updates on weather via NOAA Weather Radio. Some scanners can alert you when there is severe weather coming, such as hurricanes, Tornados, severe thunderstorms and so on. Monitoring your local and state public safety will keep you informed what going on during the event.

What type of scanner do we recommend?
We highly recommend a portable scanner, in the event of power failure. Portable scanners are easy to carry with you and also operate on batteries, AC and DC power.

The Scanner models below will have NOAA Weather Radio plus weather alert technology. To see what scanner is the best for your area please visit our sister website:

   Type of Scanners Uniden Scanners

Analog trunkingUniden BC346XT

Digital TrunkingUniden BCD396XT

Pre ProgrammedUniden HomePatrol-1

If your new to the scanning hobby, we have programming options available for each model listed above. We also carry software for programming too.

Recommend accessories with your portable scanner:

  • Carrying Case
  • AC adapter and mobile power cord
    (most scanners come with AC Adapter)
  • Alkaline /Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Charger with AC and DC plugs

    Already own a scanner? Here are some programming tips…
    In addition to programming your local Fire EMS and state/local police you may want to program some storm related departments such as:
  • Local and Statewide Emergency Management Agencies
  • Highway/Dept of Public Works
  • Electric Utilities Company
  • Intercity Fire and Police Networks

  • Most of this can be found on

    You don't always need to scan these departments, but you can stored them in the scanner, so in an event of a storm they can be turn on.

    Helpful Links: Basic Emergency Supply Kit
    Disaster Supply Kit
    Hurricane Evacuation Kit

    The Scanner Gazette - More Towers on VIPER

    By Jonathan Higgins

    Better Coverage on the VIPER System
    Davidson County, NC will be adding a new Tower to improve coverage. – Read More

    City by the water sounds like it’s under water
    Oakland, CA police officers say their new $10 million dollar communication system sounds like it under water most of the time. – Read More

    Canada and Mexico agree with FCC Spectrum Sharing
    The agreement will pave the way for completion of 800MHz rebanding by the US - Read More

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    The Scanner Gazette - Texting Saving Lives?

    By Jonathan Higgins

    Texting Saving Lives?
    Soon you maybe able to text 911... Rural Black Hawk County, Iowa you can text your emergencies. - Read more, plus video

    Washington State Patrol Upgrade
    The Washington State Patrol need to upgrade its current VHF wide-band communication system to a narrow-band system. This upgrade will cost $40.1 million. - Read More

    Uniden HomePatrol Extreme Now Available!
    If your looking to get more out of your Uniden HomePatrol-1 you should check out the HomePatrol Extreme Update. Get your Uniden HomePatrol Extreme update for $99.95 from Uniden - Read More

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    Scanner 101 - HomePatrol-1 Extreme Trunking Discovery and Analysis

    Paul Opitz, Senior Product Manager at Uniden continues his video series about the new HomePatrol-1 Extreme features:

    Trunking Analysis

    Trunking Discovery

    Click here to see all past videos.

    How do you get HomePatrol-1 Extreme, click here to read the details.

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    New Product - Audio Isolator Cables

    By Jonathan Higgins

    The Products:
    Isolator Cable Male to Male (6 foot)
    Price: $19.95

    Isolator Cable Male to Female (6 foot)
    Price: $19.95
    (Both cables made by Comtekk)

    Streaming your scanner online? The Isolator Cable is a must have. The Isolator filters out unwanted line noise improving your streams audio. This cable will also protect your computer with the exclusive Comtekk’s 600-ohm isolator with DC Blocking, ground loop elimination “hot chassis” and surge protection.

    We carry the Male to male cable for direct connection from PC to the scanner and the male to female cable so you can use extension (male to male) cable for those longer runs.

    In the photo below is the Isolator Cable Male to Male (6 foot):

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    The Scanner Gazette - Twittering like Police Scanner

    By Jonathan Higgins

    Twittering like Police Scanner
    Tuesday, July 26, the Seattle Police Department was twittering every incident. Twitter users thought there was a crime wave going on. The department is trying a 12-hour experiment to keep the citizens informed of what going on in their community. – Read more

    Four South Shore (MA) Towns trying a new regional dispatch.
    Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, and Norwell, MA are scheduled to move to their new regional dispatch center any day now. – Read more

    Jacksonville (FL) Sheriff’s pulls the plug on Media
    There is only one way to monitor Jacksonville Sheriff Department... only by their two way radios. The Department leased over dozen portable two-way radios to the media for $70 a mouth. With upcoming budget cuts the department needs the radios for their own and buying new radios isn’t an option. – Read more

    Extra, Extra, this just in...
    Here are the latest videos about the Uniden HomePatrol-1 also Uniden answers more of your questions about the updates - Read more

    The latest update on the Uniden HomePatrol-1's Sentinel Software:

    The latest update on the Uniden HomePatrol-1's new free feature: