Show Off Your Shack!

We would love to see photos of your shack at your home, office or vehicle, or even your antenna set-up. A few times a month the Scanner Master Blog will feature a customer shack, maybe yours! Some of you may be asking what is a “Shack”? It’s your monitoring post where you spend your time listening to your scanners. If you think you have a cool set-up we would love to see it. Check out the shacks so far! Your Shack could be here, Next!

Simply follow the steps below to show off your shack! Step 1 Take photos of your shack, up to 4 jpg photos.

Step 2
Description of your shack:
  • What your station consist of … scanners, two way radios, and so on.A little about yourself:
  • Your Name
  • Your City and State
  • Ham Call Sign (if you have one)
  • How long you been in the hobby?
    What you like to listen to? —

Step 3
E-mail us your write up and attach your photos and keep eye on the Scanner Master Blog!

Scanner Master reserves the right to edit text, and photos. We may not be able to feature all “Show Off Your Shack” entries.
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