Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scanner Master Road Trip
Las Vegas Part 2

Scanner Master Road Trip
By Jonathan Higgins

Part 2
Race Day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Sunday, March 11, 2012

What to bring with you?
I would recommend packing all your scanner gear into a cinch bag, this light weight bag can be worn on your back. You can bring non open bottles of water into the track. Don't forget the camera!

My Cinch bag had the following:
Getting the track!
This was my first time attending a race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, so it was quite the experience. If you're staying on the strip I would recommend checking out the shuttles available. If you want to get there early like I do, I would recommend renting a car. If you don't plan on having a car for the full vacation, I would recommend getting the rental car the night before. I would recommend reserving a rental car well before your trip, cars can be hard to get on Race weekend. For the best selection of rental cars and companies I would recommend renting from the McCarran Airport.

Our Hotel was the Luxor on the southern part of the strip, the track is north of the strip, approximately 30 minutes away without traffic. The Track is easy to get to, Simply get on to I-15 North to Exit 54 "Speedway Blvd" and follow the signs.

Our seats were just before turn 4 on the top row in the "Blue seats".

Neon Garage
We also purchased two "Neon Garage" passes. You can peer into your favorite driver garage stall as they are getting the car ready for the race. You will also have access to pit road before the race. There is live entertainment, and food available inside the Neon Garage area. This area can be access via a tunnel under the track near the start/finish line.

Listening at the track
You can get frequencies for the upcoming race from Racing Frequencies Online (from Scanner Master), you can also purchase a frequency list at the track for $5.00 at Racing Electronics Haulers.

Driver Channels
These channels change week to week. Most driver have about 4 channels but they only use two channels during the race.

Carl Edwards #99
466.2750 - Primary
468.8250 - Alt. Channel
  • The Primary channel is used for driver communications between the spotter and crew chief.
  • Alt. Channel, is used as a back-up if the primary is having interference issues .
  • Some teams use NEXEDGE Digital for non driver communications, this type of communications cannot be monitored by a scanner at this time. For example Carl Edwards team uses the NEXEDGE channel for communications between the spotter and crew chief. The channel acts as a relay if the main channel is tied up.
Track Officials
461.2000 - Race Control 461.2000
464.6000 - Race Control / Back Up
451.2250 - Safety
451.5750 - Qualifying
MRN/PRN Radio Broadcast

Track Operations
For track operation frequencies I would recommend checking RadioReference.com. Here is what I found for Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Putting the Uniden BC125AT to the test at the track
Great scanner for the race track! The large display made it simple to see who talking. I had to enter a few more frequencies at the track, it was super simple to field program without a PC. Audio and reception was great! If you're looking to replace or buy a scanner for the race track, I would consider the Uniden BC125AT Scanner for sure!

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