Friday, March 23, 2012

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Weekly Recap [03/19/2012 - 03/23/2012]

By Jonathan Higgins

Weekly News Recap [03/19/2012 - 03/23/2012]

Pasadena, TX
New radio tower takes Pasadena police into the 21st century - Read more

Hubbard, OH
Money-saving plans in Hubbard call for look at 911 consolidation - Read more

New Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Communication Center boasts 'green' features - Read more

Dayton, OH
Area public, commercial radios tweaked to meet mandates - Read more

Lewis & Clark County, MO
County hopes for grant money for statewide radio project - Read more with video

Chickasaw County, MS
Deputies say radio system is flawed with dead spots - Read more

Greene County, AR
County OKs New Digital Radio Bid - Read more

Birmingham, MI
Commissioners Give Dispatch-Sharing Proposal Nod of Approval - Read more

Hopedale, MA
Town to split from regional dispatch system - Read more

Chatham, MA
Town faces questions about fire dispatch move - Read more

Meade County, SD
Dispatch center masters multitasking - Read more

Silver Lake, WI
Police approved for buying digital radios - Read more

Gloucester, MA
Massachusetts Firefighters Deliver Twins in Rescue One - Read more

Chicago, IL
Overtime pay spikes at 911 center - Read more

Wenatchee, WA
RiverCom employee picked for state 9-1-1 award - Read more

Des Moines, IA
New Radios coming soon to 30 Polk County agencies - Read more

Waukeska - WI
Police Chief Says Joint Dispatch Plan a Bad Idea for Waukesha - Read more

Portland, MI
City council approve improvements to emergency services communications systems - Read more

King Mountain, NC
City to spend $300K on radio system upgrades - Read more

Mount Alto, GA
New emergency communications tower rising on Mount Alto - All major equipment for the $26.7 million - Read more

Canton, MI
Town closes in on new radio system - Read more

Southington, CT
Connecticut ARES takes on increased disaster relief role - Read more

Upton, MA
Resurrection of railway from Upton spurs hopes of more industry - Read more

Peach County, GA
County planning 400-foot communications tower - Read more

Hastings-On-Hudson, NY
FCC Mandate Creates Need for New Radio Equipment - Read more

East Medford, OR
Communication Tower On The Move, Costing $114,000 - Read more

Whitehall, PA
Railroads have been 'a way of life'. Man writes 10 books based on decades working as yardmaster, train dispatcher and engineer - Read more

Las Patronas, CA
Grants $32,484 to San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation - Read more

Boston, MA
State offers $4M incentives for communities to combine emergency dispatch - Read more

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