Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Show Off Your Shack! - Bill Steffey (NY9H)

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Name: Bill Steffey (NY9H)
Location: Prosperity, PA

In the hobby since:
1959 (with a HALLICRAFTERS S-95 VHF)

Like to listen to:
Anything and everything... Broadcasting from AM to 2.4 gHz

ICOM PC-1000
Kenwood r1
ICOM R 100
RF Space sdr-IQ
2 Uniden BC780XLT in shack
ICOM R7000 30-1.3 gHz
UnidenBC796D in car with remote head
Uniden BC396T with remote head
kenwood tf6a handheld
Uniden HomePatrol HP-1 with GPS... quite cool on trips

Bill's Shack!
Main rig changed Jan07 requiring massive cooling effort for the cabinet, with a 4“ exhaust vent mounted in the wall at the rear of the ICOM, going to the basement where an acoustically decoupled fan pulls the air. K2 is sccond rig. And TT Titan replaced by ACOM (remote on right) Now up to 3 LCDs.

The spectrum analyzer for the K3 is on the small touchscreen (4th vga) up on the shelf center... the microphone is barely visible, as it covers the Acom controller (above the K3)

New house in 1979 and into the closet with the hobby and the Apple II Computer on the right

I started in the basement and worked my way upstairs. Here is WN9MOV in my first house in Deerfield about 1976. In the basement , note the furnace directly behind/under the ham desk. My first attempt with a tilted radio shelf.. FT-101 with G3lll RF Clipper . and an ALLIED AX-190 , KW Tuner and for VHF I was a leader in broadband...notice the GLB synthe on the Regency HR2A... Lafayette VHF tunable radio & Hallicarfters CRx-2

Learn how to Show off your Shack! - read more