Show Off Your Shack! – Bristol, RI Emergency Dispatch Center

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In honor of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week
(April 8-14, 2012) here is the Town of Bristol, RI “Shack”.

Name: Bristol Emergency Dispatch Center
Location: Bristol, RI
Submitted and written by:
Rick Giannini (Twitter @rickgiannini)

Fire Dispatch – 154.14500 – PL 114.8
Police Dispatch – 155.13000 – PL 114.8

Our staff consists of 7 civillian employees employed by the PD. We dispatch for Police, Fire & EMS as well as Bristol Sewer Dept & DPW after hours. In addition, we monitor USCG due to the 12 miles of shoreline that Bristol has.
This center was upgraded with a $375,000 Homeland security grant in 2008. Our old center was 4′ wide by 12′ long and only had 1 computer and radio.
Looking at the photo you will see a wall mounted screen, that is the Internet which we monitor traffic cameras, weather, and hospital conditions.
The TV mounted in the corner is a closed circuit IP Camera 20-channel DVR which monitors cameras in town, Town beach, parks, landfill etc.
Under that you will see a bank of 6 computer monitors: One screen is our NCIC screen, under that is the Radio console, the 2 center and 2 left screens are the dispatch CAD, we use IMC by Tri-Tech, and also have it in our patrol cruisers. (This setup is mirrored on the right out of view for 2nd person to dispatch if needed) Both the video and keyboard tables are powered to raise or lower so that a person can stand or sit while working.
The radio screen is a GUI screen, the actual radios are in the sub-basement grounded with a copper cable, the safest place to be in town during a thunderstorm. The computer program is by Orbacom. Each icon is a “radio” which we can pull up to utilize, Police, Fire, Intercity PD & FD, we have 2 multi channel radios which monitor Coast Guard and surrounding communities as well as a UHF frequency. The program also has electro-magnetic door switches to allow us to remotely control access to the station, it has a full intercom throughout the building, as well as shutting off the water in the cell block. This program also allows us to “simulcast or patch” our frequency up to 7 times with other agencies if the need for a multi-jurisdictional response is ever needed.
The three screens to the upper right ate CCTV, Cable TV, CCTV for security reasons on the campus. We have 20 cameras on the PD which are recorded 24/7 on a DVR with a 65 day cycle before being overwritten.
Left Side
Left Side run down
  • DVD Recorder for prisoner movement
  • VHS/DVD for dispatch on Duty
  • 20 Channel Pelco DVR (Town Security CCTV IP Cams)
Radio Console

  • 4 Channel DVR (small grey unit, going to be replace)
  • 20 Channel CCT Switching Unit
  • 20 Channel Sount Recorder
  • 16 Channel DVR BPD CCTV
Right Side
Right Side run down

  • Digital Encrypted 800MHz Radio as Well as UHF Encrypted Radio (State EMA)
Radio Console

  • Kalatel Camera controller CCTV BPD Campus Cameras
Fire Control Panel

  • Keltron Fire control panel radio box head end receiver
    RI does not allow for new landline connections to local municipality for fire alarms
Back-up Systems
We have 6 computers with APC battery backups as well as a diesel powered generator which will power lighting and all computers, a natural gas fired generator is scheduled to be installed as a back-up. Our (4) 9-1-1 lines are hardwired to the wall, out of camera sight but trunk to the desk phones. We have 2 Cellular phones in the event of a service outage, we can forward our calls to these back ups. We also have an AED in Dispatch

Bristol Mobile Command Center
We have a 65′ Mobile command center which can be deployed at key areas in town as a back up to dispatch with full capability of phone, fax, computer and radio in the event that the police station ever became incapacitated by disaster or other nature. We have a server and back-up on site, however, we also have a 100GB microwave uplink which updates a 3rd server located in another town building. The FD also has a dispatch center, however it is a computer and radio, with the Keltron Fire control panel. It serves as a tertiary dispatch center if needed, however the new fire station serves as the town’s EOC and was put into 24/7 use 2 months after opening due to a flood which brought the town to it’s knees 2 years ago. It was also used during Hurricane Irene, BFD took over dispatch for FD units and allowed the PD to focus on law enforcement.

I was in Worcester last year in a friend’s truck, we heard 2 BPD officers on the car-to-car freq setting up a radar post, also, our past Deputy heard us while he was in Boston by the Pru tower…. not a bad range!
We also installed a MUCH NEEDED ductless mini split AC unit to keep the comm center comfortable.
Learn how to Show off your Shack! – read more
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