The Scanner Gazette Weekly Recap [04/16/2012 – 04/20/2012]

By Jonathan Higgins

Weekly News Recap [04/16/2012 – 04/20/2012]

Sanford, ME
Dispatcher helped guide delivery for Lebanon mother on 911 call – Read more

Abington, MA
Town Fire Department to join Holbrook regional dispatch center – read more

San Diego, CA
System linking fire dispatch centers launches – Read more

Shawnee County, KS
Decision put off on 911 radio system provider – Read more

Rock County, WI
Initial testing for Wisconsin county’s new land mobile radio system completed ahead of schedule – Read more

Carriers Warn of Crisis in Mobile Spectrum – Read more

Proctor, MN
$500k Brings New Radios to Arrowhead Police – Read more

Fresno, OH
Tower to help emergency communication gaps – Read more

Medford , MA
‘Sparkies’ follow police, fire scanner calls [ Follow Mike Moura on twitter @NEFirebuff ] – Read more w/video

Parkersburg, WV
City seeks grants for police and fire departments (for new radios) – Read more

Eau Claire, WI
City New towers will improve emergency services – Read more W/video

Antioch, IL
Town to outsource its emergency dispatch services – Read more

Litchfield, CT
Regional Dispatch Center Formed at Troop L – Read more

Cullman, AL
911 dispatch workers recognized – Read more

Tulsa, Ok
Granny ‘Drug Kingpin’ Busted in Oklahoma – Read more w/video

Chicago, IL
Fire Department Begins Switch To Digital Radios – Read more

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