Scanner Master Road Trip Boxborough, MA Police Department

By Richard Barnett

Boxborough, MAScanner Master has sold and installed the equipment for a Rangecast monitoring system to the Boxborough, Massachusetts, Police Department. In this image you can see four BCT15X Bearcat Scanners mounted in a Scanner Master two-hole rack-mounting panel which is installed in the police department’s computer room at their station. The scanners are connected to a discone antenna mounted on the department’s tower and a Stridsberg multicoupler splits the feed to the four scanners while recovering loss with a small amplifier . A quad-core PowerSpec PC is connected to the scanners via a custom Rangecast Sound Hub which allows four scanners to simultaneously feed into one PC and upload to the Internet. The Boxborough Police use Rangecast to follow and record their department’s communications along with all surrounding local and State law enforcement. Rangecast is a powerful, easy-to-use and low-cost IP-based communications monitoring system. For more information on Rangecast visit or contact Scanner Master.

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