Show Off Your Shack! – Ken LaBelle (North Smithfield, RI)

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Shack Owner: Ken LaBelle
(Fire/Rescue Captain Town of Lincoln, RI 15yrs on the job)
From: North Smithfield, RI
In the hobby for: 20+ years avid scanner listener
What does he like to listen to? Listen to mostly fire/ems but I do have local police.

My scanners all have been purchased through Scanner Master. I have 6 Uniden 996t’s on my desk and a Motorola CDM 1250 UHF radio for fire buff club usage. One of the 6 scanners is dedicated for my website I use ProScan to stream to my followers on Radio Reference, ProScan, and the webserver site.

The antennas are: (scanner) Antenna Specialist Mon-31, (UHF Radio) Comtelco 36” fiberglass 470-512, and there is a Ferret scanner antenna. (I am not using the Ferret at the moment due to it lacks reception in the UHF bands). The coax is all LMR400 with Amphenol connectors. The Mon-31 scanner antenna coax ties into a Stridsberg active 8-port multicoupler. I also have a Jim M75 pre-amp before the multicoupler that greatly increases my reception range. The UHF antenna connects to my remote mount Motorola CDM 1250 radio.

The Stridsberg device connects to the 6 Uniden 996T scanners on my desk, a BC780 on my bedroom nightstand, and my Uniden 796d Scann
er Master remote-head edition. The brain of the 796d is in my attic near my office and the head is located in the living room of my house on an end table. A 50’ lead of CAT5 cable connects the two. The scanners in the Spectrum Force desk mounts have “T” connectors on the coax feeds to each. I did this to minimize runs of coax along my walls to the desk. The last 2 open ports on the multicoupler are capped off with a BNC terminator caps for future use.

In the Attic
You will see a tan box mounted on the attic mounting wallboard. This is the power supply for the house security cameras. I have a DVR on the desk for the cameras and it is also connected to the Internet via the router. I use the scanners to monitor for my hobby and to alert me for breaking news for my photography business NRI Fire Photos that can be found at
Thanks for taking the time to view my “Shack”.


Learn how to Show off your Shack! – read more

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