Firmware Alert – Uniden HomePatrol-1 [2.03.01]

By Jonathan Higgins

Product: Uniden HomePatrol-1 (HP-1)
Firmware Update: 2.03.01

What included in the update?

  • Improved the SD Card Error message to help resolve troubleshooting issues.
  • Added a low-pass filter switch option for raw data output mode.
  • Added a remote command to control the low-pass filter switch.
  • Fixed the issue where the display mode setting was reset after cycling power.
  • Fixed that some systems were not appearing in Add Channel mode.
  • More details

    This update should fix a couple of the little bugs that were reported to Uniden. Nothing major in this update.
How to update your HomePatrol?

  1. Plug your HP-1 into AC Power to prevent power lost during update.
  2. Connect your HP-1 to your PC via the Programming cable.
  3. Open the Sentinel Software
    (If you don’t have the software download it here)
  4. Click “Update” tab
  5. Select “Update Firmware”
  6. Your HomePatrol should be selected, click “OK”
  7. The software will prompt you once the download is done.
  8. Disconnect the programming cable from your HP-1
  9. Please allow a few minutes for the update process to run.
  10. Your HP-1 will restart and the firmware update is complete.
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