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My name is John Burgdorf and I started Dallas/Fort Worth Police Scanner, commonly referred to as DFW Scanner, back in October of 2010 as a social media page to inform north Texans of breaking fire, police, and EMS incidents. To date, we have over 34,000 followers on both Facebook (DFW Scanner) and Twitter (@DFWScanner) along with a #1 rated mobile app for Apple and Android products. The DFW Scanner team includes several hard working volunteers who monitor scanners during their free time and post major incidents to the various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, app). We’ve posted thousands of incidents, ranging from major structure fires to multiple patient shootings and all in between. In fact, we have even gained a reputation within the media community as the main source for information regarding fire, police, and EMS incidents. September 4, 2012, the day our app was launched, we were ranked #1 on Paid News apps for several hours, beating the Drudge Report and Craigslist. We continue to maintain high rankings in the Apple marketplace. While we use scanners to monitor incidents, we have also established something we call ‘citizen reports’, where residents can send in incident tips by text and/or email. When we receive a citizen report, we confirm the incident through scanners and publish the status of the incident. It’s great to get our audience involved!

Enough of my blabbering – if you’d like to know more, you can visit our blog:

Instagram: dfwscanner
YouTube: DFWPoliceScanner

If you’d like to see some of our incidents pictures, feel free to visit our Facebook page. If one of the team members responds to an incident (we sometimes respond to major incidents), we will post an album on Facebook with the pictures. Check them out!

Also, one of our Incident Contributors has a few Radio Reference feeds for a county here in north Texas, and shares the links when major incidents are ongoing so folks can listen in.

Quint 582 Working a 4 Alarm Fire in Keller, TX on August 9, 2012
(Taken by DFW Scanner Incident Contributor Jeff Hooper)

Apartment Structure Fire in Dalworthington Gardens, TX (Arlington) on January 2, 2012
(Taken by DFW Scanner Lead Operator John Burgdorf)

Dallas Fire-Rescue Fire Fighters at a 2 Alarm Fire in Dallas, TX on September 6, 2012 
(Taken by DFW Scanner Incident Contributor David Reimer)

Arlington Fire-Rescue and Officials Working a Train Derailment in Arlington, TX on February 17, 2012
(Taken by DFW Scanner Incident Contributor David Reimer)

Mansfield FD Fighting a House Structure Fire in Mansfield, TX on December 25, 2011 
(Taken by DFW Scanner Incident Contributor John Burgdorf)

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