Product Test – 824-960, 13dBi, Terrawave Yagi Base Antenna

Customer Scott Fleming wrote us a short e-mail about the 824-960, 13dBi, Terrawave Yagi Base Antenna

Written By Scott Fleming, KG4PBD   

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Scanner Master for your help in resolving my reception issues.

As you may recall, I purchased an HP-1 from Scanner Master and quickly discovered that the local P25 simulcast system was virtually un-monitorable from my home, due to severe multipath distortion. My location is mid-way between two simulcast sites for the Charlotte Mecklenburg P25 system. I ordered your 13dbi, Terrawave yagi antenna, along with 50′ of LMR-400 coax. My plan was to aim the yagi at the closest site (Matthews), and see if that eliminated the multipath distortion.

My preference was to install the antenna in the attic. I found a good location near a gable-end facing the direction of the tower, and mounted the antenna on a short mast. I tested the coiled coax at the antenna location prior to installing the coax, and immediately saw a huge improvement.

Now that the installation is complete I have almost 100% consistent decode on the system, with very few distortion issues. Overall, it sounds great and I’m very pleased! Check out two pics showing the installation bellow.

Thank you for your time in helping me. I look forward to my next purchase from Scanner Master!

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