Friday, March 30, 2012

The Scanner Gazette
Weekly Recap [03/26/2012 - 03/30/2012]

By Jonathan Higgins

Weekly News Recap [03/26/2012 - 03/30/2012]

Olympia, WA
Static In Olympia Over Washington State Patrol Radio Upgrade - Read more w/audio report

Hunterdon County, NJ
County getting radios so Emergency Management personnel can communicate quickly with other counties - Read more

Copperas Cove, TX
Fire Department Upgrade Communication system - Read more

Eloy, AZ
Police Department to buy new communications tower - Read more

Grand Prairie, AR
Local radio operators love to Ham it up - Read more

Palestine, TX
Police Department to get new radios - Read more

Merlrose, MA
Officials lay out plan for communications improvements - Read more

Orleans County, NY
County OKs 190 radios for first responders - Read more

Bellaire, TX
City to seek radio deal with Houston - Read more

Macon, MO
Emergency agencies switching to digital narrowband broadcasting - Read more

Lucas County, OH
Hospitals get new emergency radios - Read more

Crossville, TN
Commissioners praise 911 dispatch, emergency responders - Read more

Washington, DC
Feds to carriers: Let’s share the airwaves - Read more

Goshen, MA
Staind Bassist's Gift Helps Buy Ambulance in Mass. - Read more

Upshur County, WV
Communications Center Replacing Radio Repeater - Read more

Corbin, KY
Getting the word out when all else fails - Read more

East Longmeadow, MA
City emergency radio system getting upgraded - Read more w/video

Rockingham County, NC
Upgrades approved for emergency radios - Read more

Bergen County, NJ
Twp. Emergency Officials Speak Against Shared Dispatch with County - Read more

Hallowell, ME
Town Police Get Radio Upgrade - Read more

Birmingham, MI
Doing the math, Towns calculate benefits of sharing dispatch - Read more

Brunswick, County, NC
County's new emergency radio system coming on line - Read more

Hamilton County, OH
EMA working 'feverishly' to try to meet siren update deadline - Read more w/Video

Rome, GA
Communication tower portion installed early Friday - The first of 10 sites around Floyd County - Read more w/video

Flint, MI
The Story Of Flint Police Operations, A Group Saving A Crime-Ridden Michigan City With Social Media - Read more

South Sioux City, NE
Emergency exercise gives dispatchers real-world experiences - Read more, plus video

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Show Off Your Shack! - Bill Steffey (NY9H)

Learn how to Show off your shack! - read more

Name: Bill Steffey (NY9H)
Location: Prosperity, PA

In the hobby since:
1959 (with a HALLICRAFTERS S-95 VHF)

Like to listen to:
Anything and everything... Broadcasting from AM to 2.4 gHz

ICOM PC-1000
Kenwood r1
ICOM R 100
RF Space sdr-IQ
2 Uniden BC780XLT in shack
ICOM R7000 30-1.3 gHz
UnidenBC796D in car with remote head
Uniden BC396T with remote head
kenwood tf6a handheld
Uniden HomePatrol HP-1 with GPS... quite cool on trips

Bill's Shack!
Main rig changed Jan07 requiring massive cooling effort for the cabinet, with a 4“ exhaust vent mounted in the wall at the rear of the ICOM, going to the basement where an acoustically decoupled fan pulls the air. K2 is sccond rig. And TT Titan replaced by ACOM (remote on right) Now up to 3 LCDs.

The spectrum analyzer for the K3 is on the small touchscreen (4th vga) up on the shelf center... the microphone is barely visible, as it covers the Acom controller (above the K3)

New house in 1979 and into the closet with the hobby and the Apple II Computer on the right

I started in the basement and worked my way upstairs. Here is WN9MOV in my first house in Deerfield about 1976. In the basement , note the furnace directly behind/under the ham desk. My first attempt with a tilted radio shelf.. FT-101 with G3lll RF Clipper . and an ALLIED AX-190 , KW Tuner and for VHF I was a leader in broadband...notice the GLB synthe on the Regency HR2A... Lafayette VHF tunable radio & Hallicarfters CRx-2

Learn how to Show off your Shack! - read more

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Scanner Gazette
Weekly Recap [03/19/2012 - 03/23/2012]

By Jonathan Higgins

Weekly News Recap [03/19/2012 - 03/23/2012]

Pasadena, TX
New radio tower takes Pasadena police into the 21st century - Read more

Hubbard, OH
Money-saving plans in Hubbard call for look at 911 consolidation - Read more

New Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Communication Center boasts 'green' features - Read more

Dayton, OH
Area public, commercial radios tweaked to meet mandates - Read more

Lewis & Clark County, MO
County hopes for grant money for statewide radio project - Read more with video

Chickasaw County, MS
Deputies say radio system is flawed with dead spots - Read more

Greene County, AR
County OKs New Digital Radio Bid - Read more

Birmingham, MI
Commissioners Give Dispatch-Sharing Proposal Nod of Approval - Read more

Hopedale, MA
Town to split from regional dispatch system - Read more

Chatham, MA
Town faces questions about fire dispatch move - Read more

Meade County, SD
Dispatch center masters multitasking - Read more

Silver Lake, WI
Police approved for buying digital radios - Read more

Gloucester, MA
Massachusetts Firefighters Deliver Twins in Rescue One - Read more

Chicago, IL
Overtime pay spikes at 911 center - Read more

Wenatchee, WA
RiverCom employee picked for state 9-1-1 award - Read more

Des Moines, IA
New Radios coming soon to 30 Polk County agencies - Read more

Waukeska - WI
Police Chief Says Joint Dispatch Plan a Bad Idea for Waukesha - Read more

Portland, MI
City council approve improvements to emergency services communications systems - Read more

King Mountain, NC
City to spend $300K on radio system upgrades - Read more

Mount Alto, GA
New emergency communications tower rising on Mount Alto - All major equipment for the $26.7 million - Read more

Canton, MI
Town closes in on new radio system - Read more

Southington, CT
Connecticut ARES takes on increased disaster relief role - Read more

Upton, MA
Resurrection of railway from Upton spurs hopes of more industry - Read more

Peach County, GA
County planning 400-foot communications tower - Read more

Hastings-On-Hudson, NY
FCC Mandate Creates Need for New Radio Equipment - Read more

East Medford, OR
Communication Tower On The Move, Costing $114,000 - Read more

Whitehall, PA
Railroads have been 'a way of life'. Man writes 10 books based on decades working as yardmaster, train dispatcher and engineer - Read more

Las Patronas, CA
Grants $32,484 to San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation - Read more

Boston, MA
State offers $4M incentives for communities to combine emergency dispatch - Read more

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scanner Master Road Trip
Las Vegas Part 2

Scanner Master Road Trip
By Jonathan Higgins

Part 2
Race Day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Sunday, March 11, 2012

What to bring with you?
I would recommend packing all your scanner gear into a cinch bag, this light weight bag can be worn on your back. You can bring non open bottles of water into the track. Don't forget the camera!

My Cinch bag had the following:
Getting the track!
This was my first time attending a race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, so it was quite the experience. If you're staying on the strip I would recommend checking out the shuttles available. If you want to get there early like I do, I would recommend renting a car. If you don't plan on having a car for the full vacation, I would recommend getting the rental car the night before. I would recommend reserving a rental car well before your trip, cars can be hard to get on Race weekend. For the best selection of rental cars and companies I would recommend renting from the McCarran Airport.

Our Hotel was the Luxor on the southern part of the strip, the track is north of the strip, approximately 30 minutes away without traffic. The Track is easy to get to, Simply get on to I-15 North to Exit 54 "Speedway Blvd" and follow the signs.

Our seats were just before turn 4 on the top row in the "Blue seats".

Neon Garage
We also purchased two "Neon Garage" passes. You can peer into your favorite driver garage stall as they are getting the car ready for the race. You will also have access to pit road before the race. There is live entertainment, and food available inside the Neon Garage area. This area can be access via a tunnel under the track near the start/finish line.

Listening at the track
You can get frequencies for the upcoming race from Racing Frequencies Online (from Scanner Master), you can also purchase a frequency list at the track for $5.00 at Racing Electronics Haulers.

Driver Channels
These channels change week to week. Most driver have about 4 channels but they only use two channels during the race.

Carl Edwards #99
466.2750 - Primary
468.8250 - Alt. Channel
  • The Primary channel is used for driver communications between the spotter and crew chief.
  • Alt. Channel, is used as a back-up if the primary is having interference issues .
  • Some teams use NEXEDGE Digital for non driver communications, this type of communications cannot be monitored by a scanner at this time. For example Carl Edwards team uses the NEXEDGE channel for communications between the spotter and crew chief. The channel acts as a relay if the main channel is tied up.
Track Officials
461.2000 - Race Control 461.2000
464.6000 - Race Control / Back Up
451.2250 - Safety
451.5750 - Qualifying
MRN/PRN Radio Broadcast

Track Operations
For track operation frequencies I would recommend checking Here is what I found for Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Putting the Uniden BC125AT to the test at the track
Great scanner for the race track! The large display made it simple to see who talking. I had to enter a few more frequencies at the track, it was super simple to field program without a PC. Audio and reception was great! If you're looking to replace or buy a scanner for the race track, I would consider the Uniden BC125AT Scanner for sure!

Make sure you check out Part 1
Visiting and listening to Las Vegas!

Scanner Master Road Trip
Las Vegas Part 1

Scanner Master Road Trip
By Jonathan Higgins

Part 1
Preparing for the trip
Monitoring on The Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas, NV and Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Last weekend my wife and I took a weekend vacation to Las Vegas to see the NASCAR Cup Race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Before we the trip we pack our gear for the race which includes:
We spend our long weekend checking out the sites, Las Vegas Strip, Hover Dam and Grand Canyon West Rim. Our accommodations were at the Luxor Hotel on the Southern Part of the strip. I brought the BC346XT for the race and to monitor the public safety in Las Vegas area.

Programming in the BC346XT

My Favorite Drivers
(Systems 1-10)

Las Vegas Metro Police
-All channels (System 11)

Clark County - South Nevada Area Communications Council (SNACC)
Motorola Type II SmartZone (System 12)
- Las Vegas Fire Talk groups
- North Las Vegas Fire Talk groups
- North Las Vegas Police Talk groups

Nevada Shared Radio System
EDACS Networked Standard Analog (System 13)
- Nevada Highway Patrol Talkgroups

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
LTR Trunking System (System 14)
- All talkgroups

Excalibur Hotel and Casino
Motorola Trunking System (System 15)
- All talkgroups

Monitoring Notes

The Uniden BC346XT was a great unit for the Las Vegas area. All of the systems in Las Vegas is using analog conventional and analog trucking.

Las Vegas Metro Police
Most of channels on Metro Police System are using the (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department) - OpenSky Trunking system, but they are simulcasting on the old VHF System. The short time monitoring the simulcasted channels, it seem like the OpenSky System is plagued with problems. Multiple times I hear the dispatch "could you please repeat that". At one point I hear the system get stuck, the officer audio was studding. Very much like the audio I heard from the story out of West Palm Beach FL reported on back in May 2011.

Clark County Trunking System & Nevada Shared Radio System
Pretty descent coverage, lots of towers to choose from we were in range of a few towers from our Hotel. You can hear the NV Highway Patrol on this system.

Monitoring the Hotels
I would say the Security talkgroups were the most interesting to monitor. I wasn't able to monitor the Trunking system in the Luxor because it's a Nexedge Standard Trunking system.

Make sure you check out Part 2
Race Day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Scanner Gazette
Weekly Recap 03/12/2012 - 03/16/2012

By Jonathan Higgins
Weekly News Recap [03/12/2012 - 03/16/2012]

Eugene, OR
Police agencies work to share radio systems as fatal Eugene crash raises communication questions - Read more, with video

Framingham, MA
Dispatch trainee from Oxford talks couple through delivery - Read more

Claremont, NH
County buys a new dispatch center for $1 - Read more

Midland, TX
Amateur radio operators to gather at St. Patrick's Day Hamfest 2012 - Read more

Plymouth County, IA
Public Safety Communication Tower Fate in Question - Read more

Aurora, MO
Police get ‘go’ for new radios - Read more

Bloomingdale, IL
Residents question 911 merge plan with Addison - Read more

Grundy County, IL
Dispatchers move to new 9-1-1 - Read more

Effingham, IL
Deputy says radio system problem, not dispatch - Read more

Labette County, KS
$1.1M grant to improve emergency communications in County - Read more, plus video

Dayton, OH
Brookville wants to leave countywide Regional Dispatch Center - Read more

Hobart, IN
A new home for Lake County 911 call centers - Read more

Gensee County, MI
Flint signs deal to link into Genesee County 911 network - Read more

Washtenaw Co, MI
County getting $177K state grant for police dispatch merger with Ann Arbor - Read More

Dona Ana County, NM
New tower to bring 911 radio communications to 'black hole' - Read more

Tampa, FL
Plans $6M for radios linking officers at Republican National Convention - Read more

Rossford, OH
Votes to join Lucas County emergency radio system - Read more

Salisbury, NC
Firefighters to receive virtually indestructible new radios - Read more

Charlotte, NC
Firefighters get grant for digital communications system - Read more

Emmet County, MI
Area fire departments receive grant for better communication - Read more, plus video

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Show Off Your Shack!

We would love to see photos of your shack at your home, office or vehicle, or even your antenna set-up. A few times a month the Scanner Master Blog will feature a customer shack, maybe yours!

Some of you may be asking what is a "Shack"? It's your monitoring post where you spend your time listening to your scanners. If you think you have a cool set-up we would love to see it.

Check out the shacks so far!
Your Shack could be here, Next!

Simply follow the steps below to show off your shack!

Step 1
Take photos of your shack, up to 4 jpg photos.

Step 2
Description of your shack:

  • What your station consist of ... scanners, two way radios,
    and so on.

    A little about yourself:
  • Your Name
  • Your City and State
  • Ham Call Sign (if you have one)
  • How long you been in the hobby?
  • What you like to listen to?

    Step 3
    E-mail us your write up and attach your photos and keep eye on the Scanner Master Blog!
  • ---

    Scanner Master reserves the right to edit text, and photos.
    We may not be able to feature all "Show Off Your Shack" entries.

    National Police Scanner Museum
    Update March 2012

    New in the National Police Scanner Museum
    "The Scanner Master Data

    Computers play a big roll in our hobby from programming to enhancing it! You can see this technology in action, in our National Police Scanner Museum right now.

    Now on display:

    BuTel Programming Software
    Right now you can check out the latest BuTel ARC Software, ARCXT, ARC310, ARC500 and ARC-Patrol.

    AirNavRadarBox 3D
    AirNav RadarBox 3D is the closest you can be to real world aviation without leaving your chair thanks to next generation Radar decoding.

    In today's world, just gathering information is not enough. Newspaper, TV and radio stations, traffic reporting services, restoration companies, corporate security, and any business that generates revenue by being the first to know what's happening locally will benefit from ScannerStation Lead Generation and News Gathering Systems. With the power to easily receive, record, and review useful public safety communications at a time and in a place of your convenience, ScannerStation brings the leads and information you need to be one step ahead of the competition.

    Rangecast receives, stores and sends audio over the internet. It blends concepts and sources from podcasting, two-way radio, streaming audio, RSS aggregation and instant messaging. The result is a live library of audio content for both real-time monitoring and time-shifted replay or review.


    National Police Scanner Museum
    260 Hopping Brook Road
    Holliston, MA 01746

    Monday - Thursday
    10AM - 4PM
    10AM - 2PM

    Friday, March 2, 2012

    The Scanner Gazette
    Weekly Recap 02/27/2012 - 03/02/2012

    By Jonathan Higgins

    Weekly News Recap [02/27/2012 - 03/02/2012]

    Hornell, NY
    Connie McDaniels, the voice of the police scanner - Read more

    Bartlesville, OK
    City moves into its new dispatch center - Read more

    Somerset, MA
    Police Department receives grant for more than $55,000 for new dispatch center - Read more

    Nassau County, NY
    Nassau County NY received $661G for narrowbanding efforts [Thanks W2LIE] - Watch Video

    Lakewood, CO
    City police radios faulty, to be replaced - Read more

    Verona, VA
    Area emergency responders getting new radios - Read more

    Lake County, IN
    Public safety agencies cope with radio upgrade costs - Read more

    Rockdale County, GA
    Motorola awarded Rockdale P25 public safety radio contract - Read more

    Foster, RI
    Foster hosting consolidated police dispatch meeting - Read more

    Appomattox County, VA
    School Board approved a $139,184 bid for a new radio system for school buses. - Read more

    New York, NY
    Help For First Responders - Read More

    Ashby, MA
    Town selectmen vow Town Meeting vote on dispatch plan - Read more

    Clinton, IL
    Town fire to receive radio upgrade - Read more

    Lancaster County, PA
    Vote due on radio provider for local police and firefighters - Read more

    Los Angeles, CA
    LAFD's 9-1-1 Dispatch Center Made Historical Move -Read more

    Barre, MA
    Town will join Rutland Dispatch Center - Read more

    Shawnee, OK
    City discusses need to improve emergency communication system - Read more -

    South Bend, IN
    Analog conventional police scanners will soon turn silent - Read more

    Washington, DC
    Public Safety Receives Funding, Spectrum for Nationwide Network - Read more

    Uniden Firmware Update
    BCD396XT / BCD996XT Firmware Update Released -
    Read more

    Petoskey, MI
    Dispatch center receives grant for equipment - Read more

    Spokane, WA
    New fire dispatch software makes for speedier dispatch throughout Spokane County - Read more

    Upton, MA
    Regional dispatch study almost complete - Read more

    Weekly News Recaps every Friday Afternoon!