Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Product Test - 824-960, 13dBi, Terrawave Yagi Base Antenna

Customer Scott Fleming wrote us a short e-mail about the 824-960, 13dBi, Terrawave Yagi Base Antenna

Written By Scott Fleming, KG4PBD   

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Scanner Master for your help in resolving my reception issues.

As you may recall, I purchased an HP-1 from Scanner Master and quickly discovered that the local P25 simulcast system was virtually un-monitorable from my home, due to severe multipath distortion. My location is mid-way between two simulcast sites for the Charlotte Mecklenburg P25 system. I ordered your 13dbi, Terrawave yagi antenna, along with 50' of LMR-400 coax. My plan was to aim the yagi at the closest site (Matthews), and see if that eliminated the multipath distortion.

My preference was to install the antenna in the attic. I found a good location near a gable-end facing the direction of the tower, and mounted the antenna on a short mast. I tested the coiled coax at the antenna location prior to installing the coax, and immediately saw a huge improvement.

Now that the installation is complete I have almost 100% consistent decode on the system, with very few distortion issues. Overall, it sounds great and I'm very pleased! Check out two pics showing the installation bellow.

Thank you for your time in helping me. I look forward to my next purchase from Scanner Master!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shopping for a Police Scanner Made Simple!

By Jonathan Higgins - The Scanner Expert

It's that time of the year again finding the right gift for that special loved one. How about a scanner? Here are 4 things you should keep in mind when buying a scanner.

1. What type of scanner is needed for the area in which the person lives?

There are three types of scanners:
  • Analog Conventional
  • Analog Trunking 
  • Digital
The scanner you pick is determined by the type of communication systems in use in the area.  You can find out the best scanner by  E-Mail us, giving us a call at 1-800-SCANNER (722-6637), or using our search tool!

Pre-programmed options:
Digital and analog areas - GRE PSR-800, Uniden HomePatrol
Analog areas only - GRE PSR-700

Both scanners are pre-programmed for the nation although we still recommend our Set-up and Optimize service. See these radios on our web site for details.

2. Deciding Base/mobile vs Portable?
Base/Mobile Scanners are normally kept in one location, either in the car or home. Desktop scanners are for home or office use only.

Portable Scanners are great for someone that wants to use the scanner everywhere they go (out and about or from room to room in the home, etc.).

New for 2012!
We also have holiday packages too - Check them out!

3. Scanner programming options:
We strongly recommend our software or our HomeTown Programming option when you buy a scanner. (For the HomePatrol, PSR-800 and PSR-700 it's called "Set-Up and Optimize"). With these services the scanner will be ready to use right out of the box! Programming typically takes 5 to 10 business days and possibly more as it gets closer to the holidays.

4. Accessories
Make sure they have everything they might need or want when they receive their new scanner! A carry case, computer cable, software, mobile antenna and so on. With each scanner on our website you can make your own package and when you buy accessories with the scanner there are added discounts.

We are available online by E-mail and only a call a-way at 1-800-722-6637!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Product - Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT

By Richard Barnett

Product:  Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT
Price: $99.95

All-New Low Cost Bearcat Scanner

The Bearcat BC75XLT is a brand new low-cost scanner from Uniden. This radio is compact, easy-to-program with solid audio and a big bright numeric display. At $99.95 it's a great entry-level portable scanner but it will not work with 800 MHz, trunking and digital systems which are used in many areas of the country. This radio is perfect though for monitoring public safety agencies which use conventional analog radios as well as railroads, marine, auto racing and civilian and commercial aviation (not military). To find out if this scanner will work in your area contact us by E-Mail or check out

This scanner also includes Uniden's incredible Close Call technology for rapidly finding active channels, service searches, priority and more. It operates on two AA batteries and can be powered and re-charged using USB cords (adapters available). The radio comes with a rubber-duck antenna, belt clip, charging cable and manual. It's an all-around great basic scanner and for the sophisticated hobbyist it's really useful as a backup or Close-Call only radio to have in your car or at-the-ready for emergency weather monitoring at home.

Frequency Coverage:
25-54MHz, 108-174MHz, and 406-512MHz
(Compatible with Narrowband VHF/UHF Systems)

In the Box:
BC75XLT, Wideband rubber antenna with BNC, USB Cable, and printed materials.

Powered by:
2 AA Batteries, (not included). Use 2300mAh Hi-MH or alkaline batteries.
Optional AC USB and DC USB adapters available.