Get your Police Scanner for a Snow Storm

By Jonathan Higgins

Stay ahead of the storm with a police scanner.

Before you head out and on the road!

  • Keep update on traffic accidents.
  • Keep a pulse on traffic delays and backups.
  • What roads are treated and plowed.
  • Up-to-minute Weather updates from NOAA Weather Radio.

Looking to get into the hobby:
I would recommend a portable unit because you have may power options, such as rechargeable/alkaline, AC and DC Power. Portables are compact and easy to take everywhere with you.  We can program the scanner for you or you can program it with computer software, USB cable, and Radio Reference subscription. Not sure what police scanner to get?  Drop us a e-mail!

Already own a scanner? Here are some programming tips…
In addition to programming your local Fire EMS and state/local police you may want to program some storm related departments such as:

  • Local and Statewide Emergency Management Agencies
  • Highway/Dept of Public Works
  • Electric Utilities Company
  • Intercity Fire and Police Networks
  • Traffic gathering networks

Most of this can be found on

You don’t always need to scan these departments, but you can stored them in the scanner, so in an event of a storm they can be turn on.

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