Limited Stock on GRE PSR-800 Digital Police Scanner

By Jonathan Higgins

If you haven’t heard already, GRE shut-down it’s manufacturing operation last September (2012) due to financial constraints. GRE America will continue to support and warranty these products. We have limited stock of GRE PSR-800 Digital Pre-Programmed Digital Police Scanner What different about this scanner? The PSR-800 is only scanner on the market right now that follows Project 25 Phase 2 TDMA Systems. Here are a handful of Phase 2 system online today:

  • Prince George’s County MD Project 25 System
  • Loudoun County VA Project 25 System
  • Apopka County FL Project 25 System
  • King County WA Metro Transit Project 25 System

The popularity of this system type is growing, with more Phase 2 systems coming online this year! Not sure if your area is switching to a Project 25 Phase 2 TDMA system? E-mail us! GRE PSR-800 Basics Programming This pre-progammed digital scanner has the Radio Reference national database for the U.S. and Canada. You can program the scanner by going into the national database and selecting the agencies you want to monitor. For simple and quick programming you can enter your zip code and the scanner will program agencies for your local area. We strongly recommend our Set-up and Optimize service for those who are not experienced scanner users or techies. This service is very affordable at $29.95 and covers the following:

  • Setting up a local favorites list/Scan List for your hometown
  • Updating the national pre-programmed database to the current date
  • Updating the radio’s firmware (operating system) to the latest version

Once our Set-up and Optimized Service is done, your scanner will be ready to go out of the box! Highlights

  • Easy to understand Media Player User Interface – The simplified keypad and display with familiar Play, Pause and Navigation controls make EZ Scan Digital intuitive to use.
  • Complete USA Database on a MicroSD Card – The entire USA database is stored on a MicroSD Card included with the EZ Scan Digital, giving the user the most comprehensive radio data available…all without connecting EZ Scan Digital to a computer or Internet a GRE First!
  • Upgradeable CPU Firmware and Library – Keep EZ Scan Digital current with the enhancements and updates as they become available through provided PC Software Application
  • Powerful PC Software Application – Modify or add your own Scanlist with the easy to us EZ Scan Digital software application.
  • SKYWARN Store Spotter Functionality – Instant access to frequencies used by storm spotter networks. Monitor storm conditions as they occur, and learn about dangerous conditions before the media or emergency management officials announce them to the general public.
  • SAME and All Hazards Weather Alerting -EZ Scan Digital features a Dedicated SAME Weather Alert Receiver mode, alerting users to severe weather and other hazards in the specific area(s) that they select. EZ Scan Digital can check local NOAA weather frequencies periodically, even while scanning, and provide an alert when an All Hazards alert occurs.
  • Multi-System Digital and Analog Trunking – Scans digital and analog trunked radio system signaling formats, including Project-25, Motorola Type I/II/Hybrid, EDACS, and LTR systems.
  • Powerful Spectrum Sweeper – Quickly sweeps EZ Scan Digital’s frequency ranges for transmissions from nearby sources. When a nearby transmission is found, EZ Scan Digital automatically tunes to that frequency and receives the transmission.
  • Built-in Service Searches – Predefined service search ranges makes it easy to fine activity in your area.
  • Audible alarms – Programmable alarms can be configured to sound when certain frequencies are active.
  • Signal Strength Meter – Shows relative strength of received signals
  • Slim, compact case design with larger speaker – Designed for one-handed operation and portability.

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