Show off your shack! – Jason Rabinowitz New York, NY

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Hi. My name is Jason Rabinowitz. I am a paramedic supervisor for an ambulance service in the NYC area. I have been involved in the scanning hobby since 1981.

I currently have the following in my work vehicle: (above)
Uniden BCT15 with a BC-RH96 remote head that I use primarily to listen to conventional radio traffic (NYPD, FDNY, EMS, Hospitals)

I also have an Uniden BC346XT that I have attached to another BC-RH96 remote head. This allows me full control over the portable scanner via the remote head’s functions. I use this radio primarily for trunking communications (NYC DOITT UHF system, Port Authority, and NYC 800 mhz system) such as NYC OEM, FDNY EMS supervisors, FDNY Hazmat, FDNY marine units, Port Authority Police operations at the area’s 3 major airports and bridge/tunnel crossings into NJ. I use a 12-volt amplified speaker for the audio.

The Mototrbo portable on the right is for my company radio communications.

Learn how to Show off your Shack! – read more
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