Show off your Shack! – Jeremy Irwin Houston,TX

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Your Name: Jeremy
Your City and State: Houston, TX
Ham Call Sign: I’d rather not for security reasons but it’s not hard to find.
How long you been in the hobby? 15 years scanning, 8 years HAM.
What you like to listen to? I like to listen to Public Safety but I will listen to anything really. I am also a licensed HAM operator and I stream 3 repeaters in the Houston area online.

A little about myself:
You might find it strange that Dukes of Hazard sparked my interest in radio communications as a child growing up. You can’t beat fast cars, women and radios!
I am a photographer and a huge scanner enthusiast.
I run a blog called Houston Scanner and you can find it at

My station consist of:
Radios: IC-7000 | Yaesu FTM-350 | Yaesu VX-8DR | Baofeng UV-5R | Baofeng UV-5RA | Baofeng UV-5RC | Baofeng UV-3R | Cobra 29 LC CHR LE
Scanners: GRE PSR-500 | BCT15X x3 | BC370CRS

Learn how to Show off your Shack! – read more
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