Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Show Off your shack! - Garry Luxton of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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My home Shack:
I’m currently running a Pro2035, 2 x UBCD996T’s, Pro2096, UBC9000xlt, 3 x UBC780xlt’s, 3 x UBCD396T’s two of them are using Remote Heads, UBCD396XT, BC125AT, 2 x Motorola GP328’s, 3 x XTS5000’s, ADS-B and AIS

A little about myself:
  • Garry Luxton
  • Newcastle, NSW, Australia
  • I have been happily scanning since 1983
  • I mainly listen to Marine, Private Security Services, Surf Lifesaving, Traffic Management and also tune into emergency services
My website is

Learn how to Show off your Shack! - read more