Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Show off Your Shack! - Kevin Poe (N0THJ) Kennett, MO

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My Name is Kevin Poe ham call ( N0THJ ) I live in Kennett Missouri.Been in the Hobby since about 1989 and listen to just about everything.

I run my own online scanner feed for Dunklin and Pemiscot counties in outheast Missouri (bootheel) Website can be found at www.tinyurl.com/kennettscanner

Radio/scanners are BC9000XLT, BC895XLT, BCT8, BCT15, Homebrew repeater made of two FT-2900's, Motorola MaxTrax, TYT-8900, Pro-2055, Two Pro-197's, Two BCD996XT's, BC-RH96 Remote Head, BCD396XT, Pro-97, FT-7900, IC-2200H, IC-V8000, Pro-405, two SA-7 Speech
Descrambler's, Two TYT TH-UVF1 Duel Bands, Two Wouxun KG-UV D1 Duel Bands, FT-250, KA1103 shortwave, Two Frequency Counter's, 100 foot tower,

On top is a D130J Super Discone, Down a little is a ringo ranger II, Home brew 4 element beam and a
ST-2 scanner antenna. Coax cables are LMR 400 and RG11 quad shield.

*Everything is hooked up to a back-up power in case the electric goes out, Back-up is run by a PS-52KX power supply, Transfer switch is a PWRgate PG40s, two 115 ahr deep cycle battery's and a 3000 watt inverter.*

Learn how to Show off your Shack! - read more