Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Show Off your shack! - Garry Luxton of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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My home Shack:
I’m currently running a Pro2035, 2 x UBCD996T’s, Pro2096, UBC9000xlt, 3 x UBC780xlt’s, 3 x UBCD396T’s two of them are using Remote Heads, UBCD396XT, BC125AT, 2 x Motorola GP328’s, 3 x XTS5000’s, ADS-B and AIS

A little about myself:
  • Garry Luxton
  • Newcastle, NSW, Australia
  • I have been happily scanning since 1983
  • I mainly listen to Marine, Private Security Services, Surf Lifesaving, Traffic Management and also tune into emergency services
My website is

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Show off Your Shack! - Kevin Poe (N0THJ) Kennett, MO

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My Name is Kevin Poe ham call ( N0THJ ) I live in Kennett Missouri.Been in the Hobby since about 1989 and listen to just about everything.

I run my own online scanner feed for Dunklin and Pemiscot counties in outheast Missouri (bootheel) Website can be found at

Radio/scanners are BC9000XLT, BC895XLT, BCT8, BCT15, Homebrew repeater made of two FT-2900's, Motorola MaxTrax, TYT-8900, Pro-2055, Two Pro-197's, Two BCD996XT's, BC-RH96 Remote Head, BCD396XT, Pro-97, FT-7900, IC-2200H, IC-V8000, Pro-405, two SA-7 Speech
Descrambler's, Two TYT TH-UVF1 Duel Bands, Two Wouxun KG-UV D1 Duel Bands, FT-250, KA1103 shortwave, Two Frequency Counter's, 100 foot tower,

On top is a D130J Super Discone, Down a little is a ringo ranger II, Home brew 4 element beam and a
ST-2 scanner antenna. Coax cables are LMR 400 and RG11 quad shield.

*Everything is hooked up to a back-up power in case the electric goes out, Back-up is run by a PS-52KX power supply, Transfer switch is a PWRgate PG40s, two 115 ahr deep cycle battery's and a 3000 watt inverter.*

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Show off your Shack! - Jeremy Irwin Houston,TX

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Your Name: Jeremy
Your City and State: Houston, TX
Ham Call Sign: I'd rather not for security reasons but it's not hard to find.
How long you been in the hobby? 15 years scanning, 8 years HAM.
What you like to listen to? I like to listen to Public Safety but I will listen to anything really. I am also a licensed HAM operator and I stream 3 repeaters in the Houston area online.

A little about myself:
You might find it strange that Dukes of Hazard sparked my interest in radio communications as a child growing up. You can't beat fast cars, women and radios!
I am a photographer and a huge scanner enthusiast.
I run a blog called Houston Scanner and you can find it at

My station consist of:
Radios: IC-7000 | Yaesu FTM-350 | Yaesu VX-8DR | Baofeng UV-5R | Baofeng UV-5RA | Baofeng UV-5RC | Baofeng UV-3R | Cobra 29 LC CHR LE
Scanners: GRE PSR-500 | BCT15X x3 | BC370CRS

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Show off your shack - David Grub Newport, PA

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About David Grub of Newport, PA
I have been in the scanning hobby for probably the past 30+ years. I'm 43 now and can remember getting my first scanner (an 8 or 10 channel Realistic crystal scanner) for Christmas. I enjoy scanning mainly local police, fire and EMS frequencies. I was out of the hobby for a few years after the county I lived in moved to an OpenSky system which you cannot monitor. I maintained one scanner (PRO-2014) and sold the rest. After moving to a different county which still uses VHF/UHF, I have slowly gotten back into the hobby. Recently I purchased a new scanner (a Uniden Bearcat BC355N) to mount in my vehicle but, after experiencing RF interference, I made it my new base. The antenna for the base is an off center dipole I made from copper pipe and PVC fittings and is mounted in my attic. A few weeks ago, I purchased a Uniden Bearcat BC125AT to use in my vehicle and had better luck with it. I have it mounted in a cup holder mount and am using a Radio Shack magnetic mount scanner antenna with good results. I am happy to, once again, be back in the hobby.

Check out David's Mobile Shack with the Uniden BC125AT Scanner

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Show off your shack! - Jason Rabinowitz New York, NY

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Hi. My name is Jason Rabinowitz. I am a paramedic supervisor for an ambulance service in the NYC area. I have been involved in the scanning hobby since 1981.

I currently have the following in my work vehicle: (above)
Uniden BCT15 with a BC-RH96 remote head that I use primarily to listen to conventional radio traffic (NYPD, FDNY, EMS, Hospitals)

I also have an Uniden BC346XT that I have attached to another BC-RH96 remote head. This allows me full control over the portable scanner via the remote head's functions. I use this radio primarily for trunking communications (NYC DOITT UHF system, Port Authority, and NYC 800 mhz system) such as NYC OEM, FDNY EMS supervisors, FDNY Hazmat, FDNY marine units, Port Authority Police operations at the area's 3 major airports and bridge/tunnel crossings into NJ. I use a 12-volt amplified speaker for the audio.

The Mototrbo portable on the right is for my company radio communications.

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