New Products – Radio Shack Scanners are back!

Radio Shack’s most popular models are back and now available again through Scanner Master as well as Radio Shack stores.  These include the high-end APCO-25 digital base and mobile scanners as well as the low-end analog radios. Call 1-800-SCANNER to order now or online anytime.

Basic Analog Conventional Scanners
Simple to program for those basic analog VHF/UHF communications

  • 200 Channel Handheld Scanner in 10 Banks
  • Analog Entry Level Scanner (no trunking or digital)RS_BasicPRO549-550
  • VHF and UHF Coverage – No 800 MHz
  • 5 One Touch Service Searches
  • PC Programmable

Radio Shack PRO-649
Handheld Police Scanner

Radio Shack PRO-650
Desktop Police Scanner


Digital Trunking Scanners
Sensitive, amazing digital decoding, simple menu structure

  • Store up to 1,800 frequenciesRS_BasicPRO651-652
  • Object-Oriented, Menu-driven programming
  • Signal Stalker II Near field frequency capture
  • Multi-Site Trunking Scanning

Radio Shack PRO-651
Digital Handheld Scanner

Radio Shack PRO-652
Digital Base/Mobile Scanner

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