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Give Bearcat Scanners as Holiday Gifts

Are you looking for a last minute holiday gift for those difficult people on your list? Why not consider getting them a Whistler or Bearcat scanner as a gift? These radio scanners are the perfect gift for anyone who likes … Continue reading

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2014 Holiday Shopping Tips

It’s that time of the year again for finding the right gift for that special loved one. How about a scanner? Here are 4 things you should keep in mind when buying a scanner. 1. What type of scanner would … Continue reading

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Select a Scanner Based on the Scanner Frequencies Used in Your City

Any time you are looking at purchasing a new scanner, you need to make sure the scanner is compatible with the scanner frequencies in your area. Otherwise, you will be limited in the number of different channels you are able … Continue reading

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The Uniden BCD536HP and BCD436HP Are User Friendly Scanners

There are all different levels of users in the scanner community, ranging from new hobbyists, to long time scanner enthusiasts, to professionals using scanners as part of their jobs. Finding the right scanner to fit your skill level with the … Continue reading

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Radio Scanner versus Online Police Scanner

People have various ways for listening to scanner frequencies. They could purchase their own personal radio scanner or use an online police scanner radio. There are several differences between these listening methods. Deciding which one is best for what depends … Continue reading

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Is It Illegal to Listen to Live Police Scanner Audio Feeds?

One common question people have about police scanners is whether it is against the law to listen to live police scanner audio feeds. It is not illegal to monitor police audio feeds and police scanner frequencies with radio scanners from … Continue reading

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Journalists Monitor Police Scanner Frequencies for News Stories

Did you ever wonder how journalists and news agencies learn about breaking stories as they occur? Many newsworthy stories are obtained by journalists monitoring police scanner frequencies using scanner radios. They might learn about a fire at a local apartment … Continue reading

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