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Scanner 101 – HomePatrol-1 Extreme Trunking Discovery and Analysis

Paul Opitz, Senior Product Manager at Uniden continues his video series about the new HomePatrol-1 Extreme features: Trunking Analysis Trunking Discovery Click here to see all past videos. How do you get HomePatrol-1 Extreme, click here to read the details.

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Scanner 101 – Understanding BuTel ARCXT Software

Last month Gommert Buysen, the owner and software developer of BuTel Software stopped in at our corporate headquarters in Holliston, MA. During his visit we shot two great videos about the ARCXT Software. Products used in this Scanner 101:ARCXT BasicARCXT … Continue reading

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Scanner 101 – Uniden HomePatrol Favorites List

Do you own the Uniden HomePatrol? Would you rather pick and choose the agencies or communities?  You can simply select them in the database, and run them in a Favorites list. In this Scanner 101 we give you basic steps … Continue reading

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Scanner 101 – Uniden RH-96 Remote Head Hook Up

The Uniden BC-RH96 Remote Head isonly available from Scanner Master!Using the Uniden BC-RH96 Remote HeadAre you installing a new Uniden base/mobile Scanner in your car or truck? Most new vehicles don’t have a lot of space for a bulky full … Continue reading

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Scanner 101 – Cloning Uniden XT Scanners

Have you ever wanted to clone your programming from Uniden BCD996XT to another Uniden BCD996XT? Here are the models you can clone:*** BCT15X BC346XT BCD396XT BCD996XT ***Note: You can ONLY clone from the same model to another of the same … Continue reading

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Scanner 101 – Installing the GPS Receiver for Uniden BC346XT and BCD396XT

What is GPS Scanning?Once you have the scanner programmed, this feature will allow for preset scanning, making it easier and safer for you to monitor a specific area while you’re driving. The scanner, along with the GPS Receiver, will turn … Continue reading

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Scanner 101 – "Search With Scan"

One feature that I find fascinating, and is available on the following Uniden models, BC246T, BC346XT, BR330T, BCT15, BCD396XT and, BCD996T is the Search With Scan. With this feature, you can run a service search or custom search as your … Continue reading

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